Bug ID 5076
Summary Review Request: intel-media-driver - GStreamer 1.0 streaming media framework "bad" cuda plug-ins
Product Package Reviews
Version Current
Hardware x86_64
OS GNU/Linux
Status NEW
Severity enhancement
Priority P1
Component Review Request
Assignee rpmfusion-package-review@rpmfusion.org
Reporter kwizart@gmail.com
CC rpmfusion-package-review@rpmfusion.org
Group Package Reviews
namespace cuda

SPEC: http://dl.kwizart.net/review/gstreamer1-plugins-bad-cuda.spec
Summary: GStreamer 1.0 streaming media framework "bad" cuda plug-ins

I've managed to build this one locally , but for some reason it still fails to
install the appropriate cuda-9-2 packages using the f29-cuda build target...


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