On Thu, Oct 16, 2008 at 4:52 AM, Rex Dieter <rdieter@math.unl.edu> wrote:
Karel Volný wrote:

 * having libdvdcvs in one of our repos could lead to
projects or cooperation's not to mention or link to us.
That's not limited to Fedora or Red Hat; also some
journalists and howto-writers will also chose to *not*
mention RPM Fusion and thus not link to us, as it might be
to dangerous in some countries
I can just endorse that...

For me as an author of a German Fedora blog, I am always
having mixed emotions about Livna. On the one hand, it's
undoubtedly an important repository for Fedora. On the other
hand, I am not allowed to mention it because this could
indirectly be illegal advertising for a copy protection
remover, which can be punished with up to one year of prison
in Germany. I know that other German Fedora authors are
thinking the same about that. Livna is "that certain
repository" with sweet content, but also with a bad smell.

this is a really bad attitude, and I'm sad to hear that from you :-(
basically, you have two options: the gutless way or the brave way

Someone has a bad attitude alright...
No, he has one option: staying legal.  Get real.

-- Rex

Oh yes, Rex, you are so right.  When a corrupt over-reaching all-powerful government makes bad laws we should all just bend over backwards and take it.

Get Real, Get Brave, Get Guns and Revolt.  I'm willing to bet we will have a revolution within a short time here in America.  It's either that, or we will all end up as slaves and surfs due to the fiat currency central-banking debt-based monetary system which most of ignorantly take a part of.