Hello everyone,
I am in need of a co-maintainer who can maintain chromium-package with me.

Originally my plan was to retire chromium-vaapi once the vaapi patch got integrated into the official chromium package in Fedora. However some people were asking to keep maintaining it because this package is better in many ways with respect to official chromium:

* Built with fedora GCC compiler flags like "-fstack-protector-strong" and others with exception of the few flags which are not compatible with the chromium code.
* All private libraries are statically linked so bugs like #RHBZ1448649 are not effective on chromium-vaapi. Chromium on Fedora is unable to do that since it will break a lot of functionality like optional h264 support from RPMFusion(chromium-libs-media-freeworld).

* Must faster updates.

Chromium is a gigatic package and the compilation even with jumbo enabled takes about 5 hours on my machine. Since I am getting a bit busy these days, the package is in need for a co maintainer who can maintain it with me.
I will still help in my free time.
Suggestions and queries are welcome.