Hi all,

I'm Hedayat Vatankhah, a developer and a Fedora packager. As explained at [1], I have ported Jockey (Ubuntu's driver installer) to Fedora. Since its existence doesn't make any sense in Fedora without thirdparty repositories (except if configured to manage all hardware driver modules (even the free ones as standard kernel modules) which is not of much use), and it depends on RPMFusion for additional drivers, I think it should be added to RPMFusion instead of Fedora. Therefore, I'm interested to include it in RPMFusion.

However, before submitting the package, there is something which should be solved. Jockey needs to somehow determine which drivers are needed for a special hardware. To do so, it relies on a mapping between hardware modaliases and kernel modules and packages. Currently, I have downloaded all hardware driver kmods from RPMFusion and extracted the list of supported modaliases using modinfo and stored them in a single file. But this is certainly not the way to go. Each kmod package should provide the list of supported modaliases by itself. Two methods come into my mind: adding modaliases as kmod RPM's provides (I'm not even sure if all of the required characters are supported as RPM provides; and I suggest the other method) or creating a sub-package for each kmod (e.g. kmod-nvidia-modaliases) which includes one file (inside /usr/share/jockey/modaliases/) listing all supported modaliases in the appropriate format. Then, we can have a metapackage (e.g. rpmfusion-modaliases) which jockey will depend on.

What do you think?



[1] http://hedayatvk.wordpress.com/2011/07/29/parsidora-15-and-a-special-feature-ubuntu-hardware-driver-installer-jockey/