With MongoDB being removed from Fedora it's put these packages between a rock and a hard place. 

Now unifi technically relies on an external repo (MongoDB supplied package) which is not permitted. Obviously if this was always the case I would have never submitted it as a package but MongoDB's license change created the problem.

So what can be done? A couple of questions come to mind...

1. Can MongoDB live in the non-free repository? 

I think the problem is that once we package MongoDB we really can't stop people from providing MongoDB as a service, but I'm not a lawyer.

2. Is using unifi with MongoDB a problem?

I don't think so per this:


Another product offering it's own SaaS and just using MongoDB as the database backend isn't an issue.

If #1 is "NO" then I don't think I have any choice but to retire unifi{,-lts} which really sucks because it was a crap load of work massaging the upstream file into something largely FHS and guidelines compliant.