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Hi Nicolas
Thanks for replying.

(In reply to Nicolas Chauvet from comment #14)
> > This is my first RPM Fusion Package. I am seeking a sponsor.
> Rathann can sponsor you.
> You will likely need this for a proprietary software.
> %global        debug_package %{nil}
> %global        __strip /bin/true

> Fedora default to i686 nowadays (-march), so if this binary is really built
> for i486, it could lead to issue. Anyone tested it there ? If it doesn't
> work one could also drop 32bit support.
Hoenstly, I don't own a 32bit computer anymore. I think it is i486 because the
source for the binary has i486 in there.
It downloads as mendeleydesktop-1.17.10-linux-i486.tar.bz2

Also, adding the lines for i486 seems like work I wouldn't have done if the
default compilation worked.

If you want, I could install a VM and test it, but I have a feeling we have all
of 0 requests for a 32bit version.

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