Bug ID 5079
Summary Review request: wiringpi - PIN based GPIO access library for BCM283x SoC devices
Product Package Reviews
Version Current
Hardware arm
OS GNU/Linux
Status NEW
Severity enhancement
Priority P1
Component Review Request
Assignee rpmfusion-package-review@rpmfusion.org
Reporter zonexpertconsulting@outlook.com
CC rpmfusion-package-review@rpmfusion.org
namespace rpi

Why not Fedora?
This package is for the raspberry pi only which makes it too specific for the
Fedora repos but ideally suited for the new RPM Fusion rpi namespace



WiringPi is a PIN based GPIO access library for the BCM2835, BCM2836 and
BCM2837 SoC devices (Raspberry Pi devices). It is usable from C,
C++ and RTB (BASIC) as well as many other languages with suitable

This is a modification of the wiringpi specfile from FedBerry, authored by
Vaughan Agrez.

upstream scm is using git, not github. Tarball is checked out via commit but
represents release 2.46.

%install is using the custom target "install-fedora" so not using %make_install

At one point FedBerry called this package "wiringpi-libs", then transitioned to
just "wiringpi". Obsoletes and Conflicts statements were added to prevent
issues. I left these statements in the specfile. Let me know if you don't think
this is necessary.


$ rpmlint /home/abauer/rpmbuild/SRPMS/wiringpi-2.46-4.fc28.src.rpm
1 packages and 0 specfiles checked; 0 errors, 0 warnings.

$ rpmlint /home/abauer/rpmbuild/RPMS/armv7hl/wiringpi*.rpm
6 packages and 0 specfiles checked; 0 errors, 0 warnings.

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