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Comment # 3 on bug 3887 from
This is really a "fortune" program.  Isn't there an existing fortune program
that could be used with the (properly formatted) content?  From bible verses,
to i-ching, to dhammapada, to famous quotes from western leaders - the display
program should not be tied to specific content.

for instance, if sucking the entire content into memory just to choose one
"verse" at random is acceptable, a 15 (or less) line python script suffices.

The Xiphos package is in Fedora, because it doesn't include any content (and
hence passes the religious test).  It downloads content from configurable
providers, and is basically an e-book reader that handles versified content
(and hence would work with the dhammapada). 

But Xiphos doesn't do the fortune thing.  Maybe the thing to do is put the
fortune program in Fedora, and religious datasets in rpmfusion.

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