The answer of deadbeef author in english:

"I do not change copyright in libraries. let the upstream do changes. When I will update the version of libraries - and then renew their copyrights."

So he don't apply any patch to correct copyright.

вт, 16 авг. 2016 г. в 12:55, Alec Leamas <>:

On 16/08/16 11:28, RPM Fusion Bugzilla wrote:
> Do you mean report FSF address issue not to deadbeef upstream but to
> libs/plugins upstream?
> I am report this to deadbeef author and he don't want correct this.
> As described here
> I
> can correct this files.

Well, my Russian isn't  what it should be. That said, to change all
those addresses is a lot of work, and I can understand upstream if they
refuse for that reason. I certainly would if I were not also a packager.

I have a simple script which I use now and then to prepare a patch.
Sending the same issue as a pull request might be better, at least
sometimes. Script is at
Of course, the output must be reviewed and cleaned up, but it usually
saves a lot of work