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(In reply to Dominic Robinson from comment #23)
> I don't see any problem with that per say , but I know for a fact that this
> can only be built against kodi >= 17; for future versions sure.
> So to clear up my limited understanding of koji, how would this work
> exactly? If a koji_version macro were to be defined in the kodi-devel
> package, how would that get passed to this package?
Sorry, I meant a %kodi_version macro. 

It would be defined in the kodi-devel package (
echo %kodi_version %{version} > %{buildroot}%{rpmmacrodir}/macros.kodi

Then when plugins would build, they would have:
Requires: kodi >= %{kodi_version}

Anyway, it seems a minor issue and not particular to this plugins. this can be
fixed and coordinated later. 

Do you plan to fix the name with modified macro ? This looks really scary.

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