2008/3/2, Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora@leemhuis.info>:
On 24.02.2008 23:56, Matthias Saou wrote:

> Thorsten Leemhuis wrote :
>>> Xavier showed us that the FAS was actually up and running, so we'll be
>>> checking that, but it might be already finished (in which case, "thanks
>>> Thorsten!").
>> I did the initial setup and gave Xavier access to it one or two weeks
>> ago. Not sure what he did in between, but the two main missing things
>> that were still missing two weeks ago
>> - generation for the client-side certificate
> I've fixed this this afternoon, after Xavier left. The CA was actually
> missing, so I created a simple one for RPM Fusion.


> Regarding FAS, there still seems to be more work required :
> - Rebrand all of the web interface (to remove "Fedora" where it doesn't
> make sense to have it) - minor

I imported fas into CVS for this purpose some weeks ago:

export CVSROOT=:ext:<username>@cvs.rpmfusion.org:/cvs/rpmfusion
cvs co fedora-accounts

 CVSROOT=:ext:<username>@cvs.rpmfusion.org:/cvs/nonfree (for packages)

> [...]

> - Probably a little more fixes... testing will say...

Who is working further on this (an the CVS look-aside auth)? Xavier?

Yep make some work on this week-end and go head this week too.

>> - make the CVS looks-aside cache work, which uses FAS for/the
>> certificates for authentification
> Maybe this will be easy now that the certs work?

It might be. I never looked at it closer, so I have no idea.

There an *.cgi file to link on to do so.
Still working on...

> Too bad so few Fedora packagers seemed to have made it to the FOSDEM...
> well, at least I met Xavier and Remi for the first time, and had fun
> hanging out with all "the usual folks" too :-D

Sorry, I couldn't make it. The past two weeks were stressing enough even
without traveling to bruessels :-/ (and the next one will be problematic
as well...)



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