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Comment # 7 on bug 4634 from
(In reply to Wade Berrier from comment #6)
Please provide both link for src.rpm and spec file.

About the tr replacement usage, please see previous comment from another

I don't see much things fixed from my previous, so I seems like you have
provided the old -1 url for src.rpm. Using -2 is better.

The only thing is the incorrect version on your changelog line:
* Sat Sep 16 2017 Wade Berrier <> - 1:4.12.14-2
It should have been - 1.3.2-2

You should better use rpmdev-bumpspec to create a changelog entry automatically
(please verify to set the %packager RPM Macro).

This minor change is trivial, so this package is APPROVED by me.

Please proceed to package request in (remind to
create it into the "free" namespace and not the default "rpms" namespace.

Can you remind your fas account name ? so I can sponsor your account in RPM

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