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(In reply to Mohamed El Morabity from comment #19)
> Sorry for the late answer. A lot of work at my job unfortunately.
> Your package seems quite good now. Some notes:
> - Fix BR condition on kodi-devel, which should match the one on kodi in
> Requires:
>     BuildRequires:  kodi-devel >= %{kodi_version}
It would means the project itslef requires at least this kodi version whereas
it might be possible to build for several kodi version (say 16 and 17 or
What would be needed instead if to enforce a build to be at least >= than the
version of kodi it was built against.
So it means it would be easier if koji_version RPM macro would be defined in
the kodi-devel package so dependent package could use it.

Reviewing the package.

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