2010/3/2 Kevin Kofler <kevin.kofler@chello.at>
Jarod Wilson wrote:
> Something very not right with those builds, seems they're still using
> the f14 bits.

They're just using the mlt build from devel which got .fc14 as it was built
when F14 bits were still configured.

> Not sure if that's the root cause of the 64-bit bits getting pulled into a
> 32-bit build though...
In the usual mock configuration files, x86_32 packages  got explicitely excluded from the x86_64 repository.
This may not work the same with the need_sign repository because it bundle not only multilib package (ending with -lib) but also multiarches ones (thoses that bundles binaries).
One may need to check that exclude list.

Nicolas (kwizart)