Comment # 14 on bug 4041 from
(In reply to Mark Harfouche from comment #13)
> Reviving this bug because I think I addressed the previous issues. Thanks
> Dominik.
> This is my first RPM Fusion Package. I am seeking a sponsor.
Rathann can sponsor you.

You will likely need this for a proprietary software.
%global        debug_package %{nil}
%global        __strip /bin/true

Fedora default to i686 nowadays (-march), so if this binary is really built for
i486, it could lead to issue. Anyone tested it there ? If it doesn't work one
could also drop 32bit support.

I would prefer to use i686 even , as nobody knowns how dnf repo would handle
such i486 package which was not anywhere common to use on fedora land. (we used
i386, i586 or i686 for x86 32bit).
Anyway it's a minor issue as soon as it works.

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