Le 29 nov. 2011 17:43, "Ken Dreyer" <ktdreyer@ktdreyer.com> a écrit :
> I've got Koji working locally here and I can build out of RPM Fusion's CVS.
> http://ktdreyer.fedorapeople.org/rpmfusion/koji.png
> I'd be interested in working with the RPM Fusion infra admins to set
> this up and eventually replace Plague. My Koji Puppet modules and
> manifest are at https://gitorious.org/ktdreyer/koji-puppet

Hi ken

There is already a koji instance running. But it was running on the previous infra which was lacking of ressources each time a build was submitted.

Now that we are partially on the new infra, the work on koji can continue.

I would suggest to use the infrastructure mailing list to define the needed steps that remain to migrate to koji.
One of them can be to migrate git with a cvs emulation for example.

Nicolas (kwizart)