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(In reply to Vasiliy Glazov from comment #9)
> (In reply to leigh scott from comment #8)
> > I removed the + flag as I see no review!
> May be you can repair fedora-review?

It's your duty to produce a public review, tooling should not replace your own

Can you (reviewee, reviewer, anyone) please state why unbundling a library that
is only useful to telegram even make sense ? what's the reasoning behind ?

If I would be accurate, you should also unbundle webrtc-audio-processing by
making a webrtc-audio-processing-freeworld package. Seems like you are making
halt of the job here, so I really fail to understand what's the reasoning

I'm not very pleased to such pointless changes because I see packagers wasted
time that would better be employed by doing other reviews...

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