Comment # 28 on bug 2736 from
(In reply to SÚrgio Basto from comment #26)
> fedora-review --other-bz -b 2736 -m
> fedora-rawhide-x86_64-rpmfusion_nonfree
> no issues , just not sure is documentation aacDecoder.pdf and aacEncoder.pdf
> should be in devel package , at least in -doc sub package ... 
Theses files are developers documentation of the library, the packaging
guideline doesn't mandate from which size a sub-package should be made, but
since it's already in a -devel I think it's fine to have them in -devel. (it's
less than 1Mo) 

> fdk-aac.spec looks good , source field could be more simple :
> %{shortcommit0}.tar.gz
Fixed this one locally along with using Source0 instead of Source:

Thx for the review.

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