2008/3/10, David Timms <dtimms@iinet.net.au>:
Xavier Lamien wrote:
> 4. Follow the instructions that you will receive by mail

Xavier: note that the CLA I received should be customized to mention the
rpmfusion project, rather than:
- The Fedora Project
- Red Hat
-           Fedora Project, c/o Red Hat, Inc.,
            Attn: Legal Affairs
            1801 Varsity Drive
            Raleigh, North Carolina, 27606 U.S.A.

    If necessary, you may send it by facsimile to the Project at
    +1-919-754-3704 or e-mail a signed pdf copy of the document to

David Timms.

ps. I wasn't sure if step 5 email response is automatic, or is HI {human
intervention} required ?

Needs cron task on it, yep.
Thanks for the typo.

Xavier.t Lamien
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