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Comment # 22 on bug 1742 from
(In reply to Hans de Goede from comment #21)

- MUSTFIX: Building is non-verbose
Please append --disable-silent-rules to %configure

- /usr/lib64/pkgconfig/vo-aacenc.pc seems broken to me.

It uses includedir=/usr/include, but the headers below /usr/include/vo-aacenc
are expecting to find vo-aacenc's headers under /usr/include/vo-aacenc:

/usr/include/vo-aacenc/voAMRWB.h:#include  "voAudio.h"

i.e. they expect -I/usr/include/vo-aacenc and not -I/usr/include.

- Consider to remove the "rm -rf %{buildroot}" from %install
It's not needed anymore unless you plan to build this package for really
ancient rhels.

- Consider to remove the "Group" tags. They aren't used for anything in Fedora.

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