Comment # 27 on bug 4532 from
(In reply to Dominic Robinson from comment #25)
> I hadn't planned on changing it -
> I mean might be a problem if I reuse this spec for other addons, but I don't
> see an issue in the context of this addon and makes things neater.

Well, this is not the case from a RPM Fusion rel-eng perspective.
If ever the aname is changed, which might happen if the package get fixed , the
package name will be automatically changed. This is not possible with the infra
where koji expect the spec file to be named according to the git module name.
As a consequence, the build will fails, but it may requires additional steps to
cure this issue.

For example, upstream may consider to change inputstream.adaptive to
inputstream_adaptive. So the point of using a variable in this case doesn't

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