2008/2/26, Matthias Saou <thias@spam.spam.spam.spam.spam.spam.spam.egg.and.spam.freshrpms.net>:
Xavier Lamien wrote :

> > The CA was actually missing,
> That's what i checked too, should be fix soon.
> > so I created a simple one for RPM Fusion.
> hm...which is sent through  gen-cert.cgi, right ?
> each contributors should be have its own cert, but could help a while.

No. That CGI actually generates a key, a CSR and gets the CA to sign it
so that in the end it can send back a single file with both the key and
signed cert inside it. So right now, it's 100% working.

> Regarding FAS, there still seems to be more work required :
> > - Rebrand all of the web interface (to remove "Fedora" where it doesn't
> > make sense to have it) - minor

Fixed for CLA .cgi (as you said, minor ;) )

> > - Check and update the agreement text sent by email.
> > - Make the agreement signing work (as it seems to be sent by email,
> > thus processed by some script from there?)

yep, i'm working on it
there's still have some python error on fas_edit page which i'll fix asap.
> > - Probably a little more fixes... testing will say...
> That should be fix at the end of this week, will do some work around.
> If you guys have some ideas about an potential theme, feel free to post.

But if we need to redirect an email address to have sent emails be
piped to a script on a server which has access to the FAS in order to
check the GPG signature... it's going to be slightly harder and you
will most likely need me to configure some stuff on the email side.

In hope you'll be available....

If we don't really care about the agreement, and only want to verify
the user's GPG signature, then we could short-circuit that part of the
signup and just let the user upload a signed file through the FAS web

> > - make the CVS looks-aside cache work, which uses FAS for/the
> > > certificates for authentification
> attached to my  todo list, juste after FAS fixes.
> Maybe this will be easy now that the certs work?

Maybe :-)

> > Too bad so few Fedora packagers seemed to have made it to the FOSDEM...
> > well, at least I met Xavier and Remi for the first time, and had fun
> > hanging out with all "the usual folks" too :-D
> I was glad to met you  ;)
> And hope that will be the same for Thorsten a day ;)

...and everyone else :-)


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