Comment # 16 on bug 4041 from
(In reply to Mark Harfouche from comment #15)
> > Fedora default to i686 nowadays (-march), so if this binary is really built
> > for i486, it could lead to issue. Anyone tested it there ? If it doesn't
> > work one could also drop 32bit support.
> Hoenstly, I don't own a 32bit computer anymore. I think it is i486 because
Then maybe you can drop the i486 package and only package the x86_64 as
ExclusiveArch: x86_64.

If any end-user would need the 32bit support, then they can contribute the
packaging change.

Anyway, both options are possible.

Please try to use the %global defines on the top of the spec file (they have
been added twice). is packaged in a -devel sub-package, but there is no header. Are
you sure this symlink to the library isn't used at runtime ?

libPDFNetC is a library from another project. If you are using the pre-built
version from Mendeley, it will conflicts if both packages are installed.

Instead you need to either:
- Package libPDFNetC (in fedora) and use the version built from source.
- Use a dedicated path, not registered to the system linker, so Mendeley can
find it's libraries. (and add something like /usr/lib64/Mendeley to

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