Regarding omnibook, more fixes were needed due to the shift to kernel v 3. I have fresh patches, & the module compiles and loads. I need to verify functionality when my other commitments permit. Will submit for review soon.

Ryan Martin

On Jan 25, 2012 8:17 AM, "Nicolas Chauvet" <> wrote:

Here is a list of packages that needs either a primary or co-maintainer:

iscsitarget-kmod }- already orphaned but upstream active
ndiswrapper-kmod }- new primary maintainer
omnibook-kmod}- last requester didn't make the update
open-vm-tools-kmod }- current maintainer busy
xtables-addons-kmod }- new primary maintainer
smpeg - new primary maintainer
mplayer - comaintainer welcomed and needed.
ffmpeg - comaintainer welcomed
gstreamer-\* - comaintainer welcomed
lame - update needed in rawhide

If you want to volunteer for one of this package, you need to submit a
valid bug report that contain a unified patch against the rawhide
If you want to volunteer for a package not on this list and have
already suggested a patch to a bugreport assigned to the current
Please escalate this to me.
BTW, I'm experimenting a tracker to solve issue that aren't solved in
a timely manner.

Nicolas (kwizart)