2013/5/31 Sergio Pascual <sergio.pasra@gmail.com>
Hello, probably some of you are aware of Pidora [1], the Fedora Spin optimized for the Raspberry Pi. In comparation with the previous Pi spin from Seneca (which supported ARMv5), this one supports ARMv6.

I have tested my luck after installing Pidora by installing rpmfusion, but it seems that there aren't packages for ARMv6 (there are for ARMv5).
Right, and BTW the updates free repositories for F-17 and F-18 was populated today for both armv5tel and armv7hl.

For the armv6hl and pidora case, the problem is that by design, the RPM Fusion project rely on fedoraproject.org content, not content provided by downstream integrator. This has a direct impact on the way the built are made available to us, specially at this time, the pidora 18 built was not updated since their release, so they are not tracking the fedora 18 updates as we do. (ABI may diverge and others issues).

Ideally armv7hl could be moved to primary architecture and pidora could take over the fedora-secondary camp as armv6hl at some point.

Of course that does not prevent anyone to build RPM Fusion packages for armv6hl. I will probably not have much resources to do so in the next months as I plan to focus on F-19 and armv7hl instead.

Thx for your interest.

Nicolas (kwizart)