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FYI I've untagged the -freeworld packages given the lack on update on this
It would be fine for the fedora chromium package to properly obsoletes the
previous -freeworld package.

Trying to learn from this failure. I don't think have a "complementary
freeworld package" is the way forward. This is going to be crazy to maintain
for not much benefit as a complement.
Instead doing a "full built" of a chromium(-freeworld) package would allows
both packages to possibly be de-synchronized for few time if the packages
aren't push in the same exact time.
This would dramatically reduce the "pressure" on the rpmfusion packager and on
the rpmfusion infra to "follow" the fedora chromium packager.

Any remark on that ?

The other point is that I'm trying to figure out of a way to build rpmfusion
package from fedora "unmodified" distgit (or few modifications).
Basically the process would be:
cd fedora:
fedpkg new-sources chromium*clean.tar.xz
fedpkg commit -p -a "Update chromium snapshot"
cd ../free
rfpkg new-source chromium*original.tar.xz
rfpkg push
rfpkg build

rfpkg-minimal would call fedpkg-minimal except for the sources.
(eventually using rpmdev-bumpspec -r -c "Automatic rebuilt" from an anonymous

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