2008/1/20, Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora@leemhuis.info>:
Hi all!

It's has been silent a bit regarding the infra for RPM Fusion so I
thought it might be a good idea to give a quick status update:

During christmas I installed FAS (Fedora accounts system) on the CVS
box. FAS is no must for us, but in Fedora is the responsible for a lot
of things and thus might be nice to have.

The most important things we need FAS (or something else that does the
same) for: authentification for the look-aside cache, which is ATM the
things that stops us from starting (plague is ready, CVS is ready, but
we need to have the sources somewhere available).

But I'm not good in such things, so it took a while I'm not finished yet
(generating the upload certificate is not working yet); and I didn#t
even find time for it in the past two weeks. Jonathan Steffan offered to
help, but he has no account yet (I afaics can't create one).

That's one problem. The other one: the machine which hosts the xen
instances for cvs and plague seems to crash every few days. That now and
then prevented that I could work on FAS, because it more then once
happened just when I wanted to work on it :-/

I'm not sure how to move on (mainly because I haven't heard anything
from thias (who hosts the boxes) in the past weeks). But afaics we need

- someone (or better two or three persons) with sysadmin, python and CVS
skills and more then a bit free time and who can set up and maintain the
CVS/FAS box (I tried (and will continue to try if no one else shows up),
but my skills are limited and especially my time is limited, as keeping
Livna and EPEL running properly consumes most of it already)

- I can continue to take care of plague (FYI: the configs can be found
in CVS these days)

- either fix the box that hosts the xen instances or find a different
box and move them over


Hello,  You can count on  me for any help. feel free to contact me.
We have time to catch for bring rpm fusion up.


Xavier.t Lamien
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