On Thu, Oct 6, 2011 at 9:37 AM, Nicolas Chauvet <kwizart@gmail.com> wrote:
2011/10/6 solarflow99 <solarflow99@gmail.com>:
> I noticed that packages that are built, don't go into the updates-testing
> repo anymore?  they'll still get put into updates right?

I'm not sure to understand. packages built goes into
rpmfusion-{,non}free-updates-testing for two weeks, then got pushed
into stable if not problem occurs.
The exeption is for our devel branch (still f16 at this time), until
we branch f16.
That step should be done in the middle of the month.

 I don't see that.  I just built for F-15 and EL5,6 but nothing goes into updates-testing like it used to.  Also EL-6 updates doesn't seem to be browsable, just nonfree-testing.