2015-06-25 9:58 GMT+02:00 Emmanuel Seyman <emmanuel@seyman.fr>:

Hello, all.

I've added a comment to the 45 bugs we have filed against Fedora 20 in
RPMFusion's Bugzilla that we will no longer be releasing updates for
that release.

Next week, I'll be closing all bugs still filed against Fedora 20 with
the EXPIRED resolution.
Thx Emmanuel,

I confirm that f20 is now frozen (EOL) in plague, no more update can be pushed out.

That's still leave devel branch for f21 and f22 updates, if you need to work on f22 specific update until we are branched, please contact me (but there will be a delay until the end of the week, so I might be quiet a little more).
There is no f23 specific update until fully branched. (still improving slowly, missing help).



Nicolas (kwizart)