Comment # 5 on bug 4363 from
Having a more deep look into your packages, it's seems like you are replacing
the media sub-package to complement the fedora chromium version.

So it's by design that you "substitute" the fedora -media version with a
freeworld version.
Unfortunately, the substitute methods imply to conflict with the fedora -media
package having them removed before the freeworld version can be installed.
If that's easy enough in command line, it will be more difficult to do with any
software center application.

So I'm trying to reword my question:
- Is there any reason the fedora chromium -media subpackage is shipped for
anything useful ? Is it possible to exclude
/usr/lib64/chromium-browser/ from chromium-libs-media , make
/usr/lib64/chromium-browser/ dlopen if available from
our -freeworld package ?

Or even better, make the dlopen ffmpeg-libs if available making
any chromium-*freeworld package unneeded ? (like what is done with firefox
currently dlopening ffmpeg-libs at runtime).

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