Bug ID 5114
Summary Review request: ungoogled-chromium - Chromium, sans integration with Google
Product Package Reviews
Version Current
Hardware x86_64
OS GNU/Linux
Status NEW
Severity enhancement
Priority P1
Component Review Request
Assignee rpmfusion-package-review@rpmfusion.org
Reporter dotqvint@gmail.com
CC rpmfusion-package-review@rpmfusion.org
Blocks 2, 30
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A short description for the package:

  ungoogled-chromium is Chromium, sans integration with Google. It also
  some tweaks to enhance privacy, control, and transparency (almost all of
  require manual activation or enabling).

  ungoogled-chromium retains the default Chromium experience as closely as
  possible. Unlike other Chromium forks that have their own visions of a web
  browser, ungoogled-chromium is essentially a drop-in replacement for

This package is not eligible to be included in Fedora because of proprietary

This is my first RPM Fusion package. I wish to keep on improving it. I also
a sponsor as I'm not a Fedora sponsored packager nor an RPM Fusion sponsored

 rpmlint on source RPM

This package is primarily based on Tom Callaway's <spot@fedoraproject.org>
All rpmlint warnings and errors are also reproducible for the source RPM of the
Fedora `chromium` package.

* E: hardcoded-library-path in /usr/lib/libc.so

  Caused by this line:
    BuildRequires:      /lib/libc.so.6 /usr/lib/libc.so
  Tom Callaway commented it as follows:
    # Really, this is what we want:
    # BuildRequires:  glibc-devel(x86-32) libgcc(x86-32)
    # But, koji only offers glibc32. Maybe that's enough.
    # This BR will pull in either glibc.i686 or glibc32.

* W: unversioned-explicit-provides bundled(boringssl)
* W: unversioned-explicit-provides bundled(bspatch)
* W: unversioned-explicit-provides bundled(crashpad)
* W: unversioned-explicit-provides bundled(dmg_fp)
* W: unversioned-explicit-provides bundled(iccjpeg)
* W: unversioned-explicit-provides bundled(mozc)
* W: unversioned-explicit-provides bundled(re2)
* W: unversioned-explicit-provides bundled(skia)
* W: unversioned-explicit-provides bundled(xdg-mime)
* W: unversioned-explicit-provides bundled(xdg-user-dirs)

  These warnings are caused by `Provides: bundled(...)` lines. Chromium uses
  own forks of third-party libraries -- unbundling or versioning seem to be

* E: hardcoded-library-path in /usr/lib/%{chromium_browser_channel}
* E: hardcoded-library-path in
* E: hardcoded-library-path in /usr/lib/chrome-sandbox

  These errors are caused by `semanage` invocations:
    semanage fcontext -a -t bin_t /usr/lib/%{chromium_browser_channel}
    semanage fcontext -a -t bin_t
    semanage fcontext -a -t chrome_sandbox_exec_t /usr/lib/chrome-sandbox
  Tom Callaway commented that semanage itself adjusts the lib directory naming.

* W: mixed-use-of-spaces-and-tabs (spaces: line 60, tab: line 98)

* W: invalid-url Source2: depot_tools.git-master.tar.gz

  Revision of the file is accessible only from the Fedora Lookaside Cache.

 rpmlint on x86_64 RPM

The most of the following warnings and errors are reproducible for the Fedora
`chromium` package.

* E: explicit-lib-dependency libcanberra-gtk3(x86-64)

  Chromium expects this GTK module for some reason.

* W: unstripped-binary-or-object /usr/lib64/ungoogled-chromium/chrome-sandbox
* W: unstripped-binary-or-object /usr/lib64/ungoogled-chromium/chromedriver
* W: unstripped-binary-or-object /usr/lib64/ungoogled-chromium/headless_shell
* W: unstripped-binary-or-object /usr/lib64/ungoogled-chromium/protoc
* W: unstripped-binary-or-object
* W: unstripped-binary-or-object
* W: unstripped-binary-or-object

  I'm not sure how to resolve this. Fedora package has similar warnings.

* W: conffile-without-noreplace-flag /etc/ungoogled-chromium/master_preferences

  Contains distro-specific settings, noreplace flag seems to be needless.

* E: missing-call-to-setgroups-before-setuid
* E: missing-call-to-chdir-with-chroot
* E: missing-call-to-chdir-with-chroot
* E: setuid-binary /usr/lib64/ungoogled-chromium/chrome-sandbox root 4755
* E: non-standard-executable-perm /usr/lib64/ungoogled-chromium/chrome-sandbox

  I'm not sure what can I do here. Both Fedora package and chromium-vaapi have
  similar errors.

* E: script-without-shebang

* E: htaccess-file /usr/lib64/ungoogled-chromium/resources/inspector/.htaccess
* E: zero-length
* E: zero-length
* E: zero-length

  Resource files.

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