Citat af Reindl Harald <>:

Am 26.03.2016 um 22:22 schrieb Peter Øgaard Meyland:

But what can I do to do the upgrade? Is it necessary to enable the
testing repos from RPMFusion. I can't be the one and only persion that
have this problem

enable the testing repos and disable the satbel repos
that is what your config should have
likely you have some .rpmnew
or just remove the rmmfusion release packages and install them again to have clean ones

Thanks to all for helping me :-)

What I did do was:
   1. Disabling RPMFusion Free Repo
   2. Disabling RPMFusion Free Updates Repo
   3. Enabling RPMFusion Free Updates Testing Repo

I'm now running Fedora 23 on my system