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> Sent: Saturday, 21 September, 2013 4:27:19 PM
> Subject: Force manual build from akmod
> Yum installed the 3.11 kernel on my F19 x86_64 box and normally akmod
> would have built the nvidia driver (319.32-2) for the new kernel,
> but no such luck. Where does the akmod service keep its log files so
> I can look into what went wrong? Also, is it possible to manually
> build the akmod files? I looked at this set of directions
> http://fedorasolved.org/Members/zcat/akmods , but it is outdated
> (and running systemctl restart akmods.service didn't yield any
> output)?

Hello George,

There has been an ABI change in the kernel at version 3.11 affecting all binaries that use it, including the nvidia drivers.
This is a very simple change with a simple fix.

Here is the bugzilla entry.


The fix is out, you can find it here:


This has not been released in the the rpmfusion repos because the buildsystem is currently broken.

[ra@hamburger ~]$ uname -a
Linux hamburger.home.ra.is 3.11.1-200.fc19.x86_64 #1 SMP Sat Sep 14 15:04:51 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
[ra@hamburger ~]$ lsmod | grep -i nvidia
nvidia               9430089  57
drm                   274480  2 nvidia
i2c_core               34242  3 drm,nvidia,videodev

The fix is working great for me.


Thanks for pointing me in the correct direction.  I've been lazy and should learn more about the akmod build process before relying on it entirely. 

BTW, while I appreciate Harald's views, I am more than happy to break things and look for a fix.  I worry about stability on the system I build for my kids, but not mine.