On Mon, Jul 6, 2015 at 8:00 AM, Dave Pawson <dave.pawson@gmail.com> wrote:
Success.. with a tiny proviso.
I tried it running Gnome in a command line. No error message shown, just nothing
happened. (I should have known / guessed)
Rebooted, failed, ^-ALT-F3 to get a CLI. Log in as root
Ran the command /usr/sbin/akmods --force
and akmods built.
# reboot
and I'm in business again.

There is a reason that they failed to rebuild right after kernel update but it's likely to be the same problem others have experienced, dnf not releasing it's lock on the rpm database soon enough. 

They are not enabled by default (there's a special list of services allowed to be enabled by default, and akmods isn't on it) but there are two systemd services you can enable that help in this specific situation.

You can try as root (or sudo):
$ systemctl enable akmods.service

$ systemctl enable akmods-shutdown.service

The first attempts another rebuild during the boot cycle and the other on shutdown. Of course if there's a different problem, for instance something changed in the kernel that the binary drivers haven't accounted for, then obviously it won't help there.

I'd like to find a way to notify the user on failure but haven't found a simple way to do that.