Afaik Catalyst has not been dropped for lack of interest, but because it doesn't support the newer versions of kernel and xorg that Fedora ships, and it's generally speaking a huge PITA to support. If you have a Fury card, open source support has been published recently and it should land in kernel 4.5, but you can already build your own from git, of you're in a hurry...

Il 23/nov/2015 15:12, "Stephen Adler" <> ha scritto:

I bought a Radeon Fury card and I would like to get it running with the
latest fedora dist. It seems like the catalyst support has been dropped
for lack of interest. Is this true? If so, is there any hope of seeing
the support come back? I may offer some package maintenance cycles
depending on how much time it would take. Or is the open source support
for the Radeon cards sufficient and thus the reason interest in the
proprietary ATI driver has dropped?

Thanks. Steve.