2013/12/1 George Galt <george.galt@gmail.com>

Thanks.  It turned out that I had a conflicting file from the Community Squeeze site, which I use for the community version of the Logitech Media Server -- the old Squeezebox Server -- for my networked music players.  The file was their ffmpeg2-libs rpm (the file is here: http://www.communitysqueeze.org/repo/19/x86_64/ffmpeg2-libs-2.0.1-1.fc19.x86_64.rpm),

My gooddamn god! this repository is violating the GPL as the ffmpeg  binary built it provides is linked against nonfree software (faac/fdk-aac).  You have to stay away from this site !!!
This was reported to FFmpeg/Libav developpers that will take action.

Moreover, if you want to be in the safe area, please only use fedora + RPMFusion package, those are legally reviewed. If something is missing, ask for the package to be made available (and reviewed) in theses repositories.

Nicolas (kwizart)