Dear List,

Wondering if anyone has any information about this.  Nvidia is dropping a series of older graphics cards and as of 343.x these cards will only get updates up until 2019 through a new legacy 340.x driver branch.  The following hardware is now in the legacy 340.x branch: G8x, G9x, and GT2xx.

Unfortunately I have one of these cards and now I'm wondering how I will get the latest drivers from RPMFusion as the newest Rawhide release is at 343.x which is not supported by my hardware. Will there be a new legacy branch package for this series in addition to the others already on RPMFusion?

akmod-nvidia-340xx - Akmod package for nvidia-340xx kernel module(s) <--- Will we see this ???
akmod-nvidia-304xx - Akmod package for nvidia-304xx kernel module(s)
akmod-nvidia-173xx - Akmod package for nvidia-173xx kernel module(s)