2013/3/27 Reindl Harald <h.reindl@thelounge.net>

Am 27.03.2013 21:31, schrieb Sérgio Basto:
> On Qua, 2013-03-27 at 12:34 -0700, Alice Wonder wrote:
>> Hello list,
>> Many moons ago I use to use ffmpeg linked against libfaad to create .mp4
>> files using h.264 and aac.
>> It has been years, but now I need to do it again. It seems though that
>> the ffmpeg in rpmfusion is not linked against libfaad nor is libfaad
>> even in the repos.
> repoquery -q \*faad\* --nvr
> faad2-2.7-2.fc17
> faad2-devel-2.7-2.fc17
> faad2-devel-2.7-2.fc17
> faad2-libs-2.7-2.fc17
> faad2-libs-2.7-2.fc17
> xmms-faad2-2.7-2.fc17
> xmms2-faad-0.8-6.fc18

yes you need them to build a working ffmpeg
but the rpmfusion build of ffmpeg is crap
You are obviously miss-leading others readers.

RPM Fusion ffmpeg maintainer dropped support for faac because faac was discovered to be nonfree software. We (RPM Fusion, or even any sane Free Software Citizen), should avoid redistributing GPL software linked with this. PERIOD.

There is nothing to worry about faac, that was not a very good AAC encoder I was said.

Now what could be fixed instead is to use the fdk-aac library instead:
There are many complain about aac encoding, one should complaint about this library not packaged into RPM Fusion (and should stop talking but to package it).
and again... PERIOD.

Thx for your understanding.

Nicolas (kwizart)