2015-12-22 16:46 GMT+01:00 Dave Pawson <dave.pawson@gmail.com>:
 dnf check-update
Last metadata expiration check performed 1:46:57 ago on Tue Dec 22
13:57:55 2015.

akmods.noarch            0.5.4-1.fc23             rpmfusion-free-updates-testing
akmods.noarch            0.5.4-1.fc23             rpmfusion-free-updates

so I ask for them...

# dnf -y update
Last metadata expiration check performed 1:47:02 ago on Tue Dec 22
13:57:55 2015.
Dependencies resolved.
 Package   Arch      Version            Repository                         Size
Skipping packages with broken dependencies:
 akmods    noarch    0.5.4-1.fc23       rpmfusion-free-updates-testing     25 k

It's probaly related to have kernel-debug-devel installed wheras akmods currently Conflicts with it.
We have expected dnf to pick another kernel-devel varriant instead.
I probably work if you install rpmfusion and akmods before to install this broken kernel-devel varriant, and was working as expected in earlier fedora releases.

We probably need to revert this change and write a dnf/yum plugin to properly install the right kernel-devel from the running kernel.

Thx for your report.


Nicolas (kwizart)