The command `firewall-cmd --add-service-mpd` would add the service to whichever zone is default and whatever interfaces are in that zone. This is user-configurable as more options can be appended to the `firewall-cmd` command to constrain the application to only desired zones/interfaces. That was just an example of potential usage.

On Wed, Feb 18, 2015 at 2:18 PM, Reindl Harald <> wrote:

Am 18.02.2015 um 20:10 schrieb Jonathan M. Polom:
In this case I am the admin and I want the port open. I'm not suggesting
that the package open the port upon installation but that the service be
available so I can easily do so by running `firewall-cmd --add-service mpd`.

and how is that different by just open the port?

"firewall-cmd --add-service mpd" would open the port on *which* interface here: WAN, LAN, VPN, eveywhere?

everywhere? stupid idea!

Perhaps this message belongs on the development mailing list.

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    Am 18.02.2015 um 19:58 schrieb Jonathan M. Polom:

        The second shortcoming concerns firewalld. No firewalld service
        description file is included with the package. While it isn't a
        challenge to create one, it's an annoying extra step.

    uhm - no package ever should open a firewall port

    it's not uncommon to have mpd running ona machine in background and
    just use cantata or whatever client on the same machine and hence it
    is a terrible bad idea to expose *any* port until the admin says so

Jon Polom