so many users seek advice on the Internet for enabling mp3 support (and other codecs/programs) on their Fedora installaion.
And then they come to your website and learn how to enable rpmfusion repos.
Some people get these instruction somewhere else (askfedora, forums and so on) but so many others come straight to your website.
So please, why don't you provide some simple, generic instructions on how to enable codecs or eventually installing vlc?
Fedora is such a fine distro, not so hard to use, and very beautifully crafted for gnome and simplicity lovers.. so many newbies out there (like me) just need some clear instruction on those few extra steps on how to install those codecs (mp3 is such an essential one nowadays unfortunately). As i said I know this instruction are elsewhere in several locations... but they are so different from each other, some are outdated, some not so easy to find (askfedora doesn't have real stickies) and fedora official pages just point out to you. In details it would be nice you provide a general and complete 'dnf install' command.
Don't forget also many still prefer (or trust more) your repos, rather than negativo17 or united rpms ones, but they all provide detailed instructions.
Just my opinion.

Thanks for your work :)