todo list updated

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at
Sun Oct 21 13:26:30 CEST 2007

Here is the latest todo list, which ca also be found at

|| '''Task''' || '''Owner''' || '''Last Status Update''' || Status ||
|| Final builder adjustments  || ThorstenLeemhuis  || 20071017 ||
builders are ready in general, but <<BR>> * users need to be added once
we have them tracked somewhere <<BR>> * point plague-server to CVS once
it's there <<BR>> * once final repos are in place add them to the mock
configs ||
|| Hosting || MatthiasSaou, Pix  || -- || Under discussion ||
|| Final repo layout || ThorstenLeemhuis || 20071020 || Needs to be
discussed on list; ThorstenLeemhuis tried to kick of a discussion ||
|| Push scripts || VilleSkyttä ? || 20071017 || Needs to have final repo
layout before we can starts with this one  ||
|| make CVS accessible || MatthiasSaou || -- || FAS Problems? ||
|| Branch stuff in CVS || ??? || 20071017 || Please prepare
BranchRequests for now; once CVS is available someone will work on them ||
|| Import Packages and requests build || Package owners,
ThorstenLeemhuis || 20071017 || ThorstenLeemhuis volunteered to import
and request builds for all packages that come straight from the livna
devel branch into the rpmfusion devel branch (e.g. F8) ||
|| release packages || ThorstenLeemhuis || 20071021 || ThorstenLeemhuis
prepared some and send them to the list for comments/review:
|| announcement || ??? || -- || Announce rpmfusion properly in parallel
with F8 launch; '''Target 20071108 !''' ||

Seems most things are prepared or in the works. Seems nobody really
cares much about the repo layout, so I'd say we go with what was
proposed in
If you don't like it speak up please!

I've no idea what the exact status of the CVS is -- kevin told me it's
up and running but needs FAS or accounts, which Matthias is working on
afaik (I don't have access to that machine (at least afaik))

BTW, any volunteers that want to prepare a announcement for the F8 release?


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