Packages that still needs a maintainer

Hans de Goede j.w.r.degoede at
Mon Jul 28 16:44:22 CEST 2008

David Timms wrote:
> Andrea Musuruane wrote:
>> 2008/7/18 David Timms <dtimms at>:
>>> Does the maintainer need to submit a review as normal ?
>>> Does the maintainer need to already be a rpmfusion accepted 
>>> maintainer {ie
>>> already maintaining packages in fusion} ?
>> If you are already a Fedora sponsored packager (i.e. you have packages
>> in Fedora) you can claim the ownership of these orphaned packages and
>> you don't need to submit any review.
> On, seems the following haven't 
> been claimed:
> ====
> audacity-nonfree +
> fame
> gcube +
> jad
> KmPg2
> libfame +
> lxdvdrip
> m2vrequantiser
> madplay +
> mixxx
> mjpegtools +
> mpgtx +
> normalize +
> ogmtools
> pdflib-lite +
> tcmplex-panteltje
> vcdimager
> vdr-burn
> vdr-dxr3
> vdr-mp3
> vdr-remote
> vdrsync
> y4mscaler
> =====
> I put a [+] next to packages I'm interested in maintaining. As a fedora 
> sponsored maintainer, but having no completed reviews in rpmfusion, am I 
> eligible to claim ?

I saw Andrea as responded, but I'll add my 2 cents: Yes you are and welcome to 
our little Fedora sub-community!

> If yes, then I'll start with mpgtx and normalize - and put my name in 
> the above web page. I'm just not sure whether I'm going about it the 
> correct way ?

Yes, sortof, as we've actually begun populating CVS that page is becoming 
outdated soon. Just drop a mail to the list which packages you want to take and 
ask for their CVS modules to be created and you to be added to the ACL for 
them. Also note in that mail which mail address you will be using (we're using 
pre core/extras merger owner.list style).

Also create a FAS account in rpmfusion's fas:

> For example, should I import the existing livna-devel package {ie a 
> known entity}, or check to see whether upstream has newer releases, and 
> work to get the newer package going ?

I think its good to be able to see what has changed, so import either the 
latest livna or freshrpms version depending on which you want to use as a base, 
and then make changes from there (no need to build that imported version).

> I can also add entries for the other ex dribble packages if that would 
> be useful {and I'm interested in nes_ntsc & fuse-emulator-roms } ?

Yes that would be very usefull, ideally nothing gets dropped in the whole 
drblle/livna/freshrpms -> rpmfusion merger.

Thanks & Regards,



The webpage you refered is a bit out of date, I've already clamed and imported 
(and merged with freshrpms) mjpegtools as I need that as a dep for 
gstreamer-plugins-bad, but you're very welcome to co-maintain!

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