Omega - Sudo for first user?

Jarod Wilson jarod at
Wed Oct 1 17:18:25 CEST 2008

On Wed, 2008-10-01 at 20:13 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Hi,
> If I stuck this portion into the fedora-live initscript, it would enable 
> sudo for the first user entered during firstboot. Does this seem like a 
> sensible thing to do? Does anyone have the details handy on modifying 
> consolehelper as well?
> -----------------
> # check for the first user and add it to user wheel and then to sudoers
> USER=$( grep 500 /etc/passwd | cut -d: -f1 )
> GROUPS=$( groups $USER )
> if ! groups $USER | grep -q wheel ; then
>         usermod -G wheel $USER
>         echo "%wheel        ALL=(ALL)       ALL" >> /etc/sudoers
> fi

If you go the %wheel route, don't echo it onto the bottom of the file,
sed the line that's already in there with a hash in front of it.

## Allows people in group wheel to run all commands
# %wheel        ALL=(ALL)       ALL

Otherwise, you've got both the commented and uncommented versions of
that line in there, and the actual active one is nowhere near the
explanation comment.

However, I'd keep an eye on this:

Sounds like its being considered, and might also include an "enable sudo
for this user" option.

Jarod Wilson
jarod at

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