Omega - Sudo for first user?

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at
Wed Oct 1 17:41:05 CEST 2008

On 01.10.2008 16:43, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> If I stuck this portion into the fedora-live initscript, it would enable 
> sudo for the first user entered during firstboot. Does this seem like a 
> sensible thing to do? Does anyone have the details handy on modifying 
> consolehelper as well?

The official RPM Fusion spin should IMHO be a Fedora + add-on packages 
and nothing else.

Yes, we could do fancy things like enabling sudo by default and hundred 
other things where Fedora sucks. But that's somethings that is IMHO just 
as bad as replacing packages from Fedora (which we don't do) or shipping 
packages that could be in Fedora (which also is unwanted), as it makes 
us different from Fedora and makes Omeaga just another distro in the 
linux world. That doesn't help anybody, as there are already more than 
enough distros; even worse, it creates confusion for the users, as docs 
and howtos that work for Omega might now work for Fedora now (or vice 
versa if we do bigger changes like just enabling sudo)

IOW: that way lie big and scary dragons -- RPM Fusion IMHO should not go 
there with it's main spin. If you want to enable sudo by default work 
towards that within the Fedora project.

Just my 2 cent, as always.


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