Omega - Sudo for first user?

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at
Wed Oct 1 19:25:36 CEST 2008

On 01.10.2008 18:28, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
>> On 01.10.2008 16:43, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
>>> If I stuck this portion into the fedora-live initscript, it would 
>>> enable sudo for the first user entered during firstboot. Does this 
>>> seem like a sensible thing to do? Does anyone have the details handy 
>>> on modifying consolehelper as well?
>> The official RPM Fusion spin should IMHO be a Fedora + add-on packages 
>> and nothing else.
>> Yes, we could do fancy things like enabling sudo by default and 
>> hundred other things where Fedora sucks. But that's somethings that is 
>> IMHO just as bad as replacing packages from Fedora (which we don't do) 
> I kind of see your point but I think there is room for minor 
> improvements such as these.

Over time it'll be very hard to track a line what's acceptable and what 
not. Thus I don't want to even go one step into that direction with the 
main spin.

For me it's a bit similar (but not identical!) to CentOS -- they don't 
fix known upstream bugs to make sure they don't differ from upstream at 
all. Sure, they know that the centos users will run into those bugs 
(just like RHEL users), but nevertheless it's a good thing if you look 
at the overall picture.

And it will be a good thing for us as well if the main RPM Fusion spin 
just works like a Fedora spin where the user installed those RPM Fusion 
packages that the RPM Fusion spin contains.

> There is a difference between replacing 
> packages and doing these simple configuration changes.

I bet a whole lot of Fedora developers will disagree -- especially when 
they get the first bug reports from a RPM Fusion spin that changed the 
configuration in a ways that are responsible for the bug that is being 

> Replacement 
> packages (often) break your upgrade experience.  I would like to do a 
> compose with sudo enabled like this and get feedback from more users.  
> It might help/push Fedora to do it as well soon.

I didn't want to stop you. But as I said above: the official RPM Fusion 
spin IMHO should not differ from Fedora apart from containing those add 
on packages.

Or, IOW, to make the point I'm trying to make more clear: There imho is 
room (¹) in RPM Fusion for a spin that does more things than shipping 
add-on packages (like enabling sudo by default). But I really want to 
see the main spin first -- a spin that looks and feels exactly like a 
Fedora apart from the stuff that is done by add-on packages.


(¹) just like we left room for specialized/dedicated repos within RPM 
Fusion that might replace packages from Fedora (like a kde-redhat)

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