Omega - latest rawhide + rpmfusion devel repos

Rahul Sundaram metherid at
Thu Oct 2 07:51:27 CEST 2008


I have done a new compose of the live cd with rpmfusion development 
repositories - both free and non-free enabled. Only a select few 
packages from the free repo is installed by default however.  No 
additional configuration changes.  Do test it and let me know what you 
think. The only package in the compose that we lost during the 
transition from livna to rpmfusion is libdvdcss. Not sure of the status 
of that. is it going to be made available?

sha1sum omega-rawhide-20081002.iso
c583566ad2b6d50a62d9a9c53fedb89ecf359e04  omega-rawhide-20081002.iso

Known Bugs And Issues:

* A cosmetic issue of missing install to hard disk icon option which has 
been fixed in rawhide. Subsequent composes shouldn't have this issue

* "About Fedora" is hardcoded as a menu option under "System' menu in 
GNOME. Suggestions on how to fix that?

* Still using "Fedora" as the default user name and for some scripts as 
well. Potential solution is for the base ks files to adopt a more 
generic name



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