Problem with import script

Andrea Musuruane musuruan at
Sun Oct 5 23:21:18 CEST 2008

    I just tried to import e-uae to nonfree, but I get the following error:

$ ./ -b devel
Checking out module: 'e-uae'
Unpacking source package: e-uae-0.8.29-0.10.wip4.fc9.src.rpm...
L e-uae-0.8.29-WIP4.tar.bz2
A e-uae-0.8.29-execstack.patch
A e-uae-0.8.29-hardfilefixes.patch
A e-uae-0.8.29-irqfixes.patch
A e-uae.png
A e-uae.spec

Checking : e-uae-0.8.29-WIP4.tar.bz2 on
Module 'e�-uae' does not exist!
make: *** [upload] Error 1
ERROR: Uploading the source tarballs failed!

Please note the garbled character.

Any help is appreciated.



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