Yet again: Current package status updated

Orcan Ogetbil orcanbahri at
Wed Oct 8 03:35:19 CEST 2008

> Interested? Yes for KmPg2 and mupen64. Not that much for
> mamory but like I said I'll do it if there is demand.
> -oget


-mupen64 seems to work only on i386 and there are no updates on the project home page in the last 3 years.

-kmpg2 homepage is dead. From google cache I figure out they didn't have activity for over 2 years. kmpg2 depends on the old kdewebdev-3.5 (I have no idea why). It also seemed to be incompatible with the version of ffmpeg we have in rpmfusion.

-mamory: Last update: 1 year ago or so.

In short, I'm not a fan of these applications and I wouldn't bother offering them if you'd ask me.

Hence I will keep these dribble srpm's on my computer and can provide rpm's in the future if there's a request.



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