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KH KH kwizart at
Thu Oct 9 17:50:29 CEST 2008

2008/10/9 Rahul Sundaram <metherid at>:
> Xavier Lamien wrote:
>> I really appreciate the effort and the work done for this spin but
>> I'd really see a _clear_ discussion about that project before start
>> host anything (including the name of the future Official RPMFusion
>> spin).
> We have already been discussing the details including the name for a while
> in this list.  I am not sure who is equipped to make a final decision but do
> that and let me know.
I think we could handle that like anything else:
submitting a review for this content, leading the ks for somehow
beeing imported in the cvs.
And this doesn't prevent the "feature" to be discussed (or even rejected).

But on the other side there are others case (mythdora, etc) it would
be valuable to have a sources repository for content where rpmfusion
is upstream. And then we can distribute a set of LiveMedia related .ks
files packaged with rpm.
This would split the question of the .ks distribution from the .iso

What I don't like much with Omega, hosted here is that:
RPMFusion is defined as an additional repository for Fedora.
This means RPMFusion is not another distribution based on Fedora.
As a RPMFusion contributor. I still want to think I'm contributing to
Fedora via an additional repository, not a derived distro.

Knowing that, the only official iso from RPMFusion would be (IMO) an
additional set of packages composed as a local repository aimed for
post installation.
(which remains untested/unworked until then).
That would be the solution I would see to get pushed.

Why I see Omega as uneeded is that:
When using an official Fedora LiveCD iso, you can still transfert it
on a USB disk/key and activate persistence.
That way you can add some packages from rpmfusion suitable for codec etc.
But everything else fall under a customization process where there are
million of possibilities.
At this time Omega doesn't sort out why some packages are choosen and
not others.

That been said. I see also some interest in Omega.
- When end-users want to make customized livecd from either
rpmfusion_nonfree or rpmfusion_free,
the default will be to use fedora as the name for the distro which
will lead the redistribution of  their media to be illegal.(IANAL).
it would be valuable to document how to create an Omega "like" LiveCD
knowing that it will contains package from RPMFusion.
I would prefer to have this kind of QA done here, with the help of
each RPMFusion owner of package (and coordinators); than from
downstream integrator.

- There is a full world of options to make a LiveCD... But we can have
a common set of packages that will fit the needs for most usage.
That way, unexperienced users can experience mp3 support out of the LiveCD.
Maybe the side effect for this feature would be to deactivate the
install to disk. So we don't ends with systems installed on harddisk
as Omega. And Omega will stay a Live system (only).

In my mind, I see Omega as a demonstration purpose and not a everyday
life distro. that's why I see the distribution of the resulting ISO as
an optional thing (but indeed, sometime needed, mostly for beginner).
So, maybe the iso can be made available via bittorrent eventually.

And I would like to see a page somewhere that describe the Omega
LiveCD (goals, and howto re-create).
Something like or else ...

Nicolas (kwizart)

> Rahul

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